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As we all know, to own a house is to most people a life time investment most especially if it is the first, as this will involve a lot of planning and financial commitment.

I am not saying that the second or third house does not involve a lot of planning and financial commitment but definitely not as tasking as the very first house, more so, most people do not usually have more than one in their lifetime.

The common mistake amongst building or house owners is not planning from the outset, ok, let me be unambiguous, you cannot purchase a land in swampy area of Ajah/Ibeju-lekki and think the amount it will cost you to build on it will be the same amount it will cost to build in a place Like Agege or Ikorodu. it doesn’t really work like that! that was why I had earlier mentioned it involves lots of planning and financial commitments.

It usually beneficial to have prior idea of:

(1) How much it will cost to purchase a land in your choice area together with other details like proximity to access road, the purpose the land will be used for, the size of the land etc. and also the cost to obtain the required documents.

(2) How much it will cost to build your choice house in your choice location.

But as we all know, situations in life does not usually pan out the way most people want it, thus if you belong to the category of people that are either been educated by this article or have already bought a land without this education, no worries, you are still on track, as this series will educate and guide according to your needs.

There are a number of factors you need to consider before buying a land in Nigeria these ranges from

  1. The size of the land,
  2. The soil type,
  3. The location of the land which is very important,
  4. The purpose which the land will be used for,
  5. Accessibility of such land i.e. proximity to access road,
  6. The price of the land,
  7. The legal papers available in respect of the land,
  8. The environment, as well as the security conditions of the area, should be well evaluated before engaging in such a transaction.

In taking cognizance of the aforementioned factors, it is advisable to involve an expert or an organization which has the background, requisite knowledge and skills in this area of a property acquisition. It is very important to have a lawyer who is grounded in property law practice before embarking on a land purchase.

This article has carefully considered the needs of future building and house owners (both in Nigeria and diaspora) who are seriously considering this wonderful venture in Nigeria, as is willing to help you achieve this with every resource at our disposal.

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