Documents you will need to buy and secure land in Nigeria without Omo-Onile, or any land dispute palaver made easy.

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It is common knowledge that all organisms or creatures fight tooth and nail over space, food, and mate, hence, humans are not left out, even countries still fight over territories. My point is when comes to the purchase of the landed property it should be taken very seriously. I find it pitiable yet ludicrous, and laughable when Nigerians both at home and in the diaspora lament over been duped or robbed of their landed property.

I will recommend you read the previous articles @ so you can get some foundational knowledge of land acquisition in Nigeria, you can always do that after reading through this one.

I will be delving into the documents required for land acquisition in Nigeria, following all advice given to you on this blog will go a long way to make your purchased property permanently yours and your children’s inheritance.

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Documents needed for land acquisition in Nigeria… Part 1

  1. Deed of assignment:

This is popularly called agreement; it is first on the list because it usually comes next after obtaining a receipt for purchased land. It is a transactional document drawn by a real estate attorney between the owner of the landed property and the new owner. This document usually describes the property been sold and the date the transfer was made.

After obtaining this document it is pertinent for you to get it registered at the appropriate land registry, this is to ensure that there is an official document that can be verified by the general public that the property has been transferred to you.

In the event you want to obtain a governor’s consent or registered conveyance for the property, this document must be notarized.

Sample image of Deed of Assignment
Sample image of Deed of Assignment.
  1. Survey plan:

This is a document that measures the boundary of a piece of land, it marks both the identity of the land and the boundaries. This document is necessary, aside from it gives the exact measurement and description of the land, it ensures you don’t buy a committed land or that which has a right of way. A certified surveyor will be able to sort that out for you.

A typical survey plan usually contains the following:

  1. Name of the owner of the land that’s been surveyed.
  2. The address of the surveyed land.
  3. The measurement of the surveyed land.
  4. The drawn-out portion of the piece of land that’s been surveyed.
  5. Beacon numbers.
  6. The name of the surveyor and the date the document was signed.
  7. Stamp showing the land is either free from Government acquisition or not.

It should be noted that a survey plan that has all the above attributes and that has been submitted to the record office is called A red copy survey (or record copy). Hence, a red copy or record copy survey is a legal document needed to perfect your land title

How to verify submitted record or red copy survey plan

Ask for evidence of submission or approach the records office at the surveyor general office and do a verification of the record copy plan.

Sample image of Survey Plan.
Sample image of Survey Plan.

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I explained in the previous series that owning a landed property requires deliberate planning and significant investment, I recommend reading for those of you who are yet to read it. In today’s article, I will be delving into rules you must not violate if you want to purchase landed property.

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Let’s delve into the rules!..

Purchase of landed property is an investment and should always be treated as that without any sentiment, am I beginning to sound like a broken record?

Well, most people who claimed to be either robbed or duped of their landed property or money always make this mistake and then blame others for their inadequacies.

When buying a piece of land in Nigeria make sure you don’t violate any of the following rules:

Putting family ties over investment: It is common knowledge that Africans are family-oriented and we always want to live in harmony with one another irrespective of our disgruntlement. The bitter truth is that humans are quite selfish (everyone is watching out for himself/herself first), and family will only give patronage and respect to a particular member depending on the economic importance and contributions of that member to the entire family fold. Hence, killing your investment puts you in a disadvantageous position. To this end, I stronger advise that you MUST watch out for yourself (investments), by dint of practice a lot of people have fallen into this quagmire, and complain about been ripped off in Nigeria, whereas in my opinion, it is their fault; I am not saying you should not help your stranded family members but you should know where to draw the line between family and business-investments.

This is the point: You don’t buy landed property via a family member or put a family member in charge of your landed property unless if they can be accountable and you know you can prosecute that family member, or you can hand over the property to someone else to manage for you when that family member defaults and there would not be any friction in the existing family relationship.

Emotional purchase: Your interest should always come first, do not buy a landed property just because the person selling it is a friend, a niece, nephew, neighbor, in-law, etc. you must always put your thinking cap on. Being nice has its limitations!

Failure to do proper due diligence: This is about knowing all the specific details about the property of interest a lot of Nigerians have a nonchalant attitude towards due diligence, some usually cite the extra cost of the due diligence, lack of time, etc. forgetting that it is more expensive to lose your property than to do the due diligence and if the property becomes disputed and taken to court, you must make out time to attend court proceedings and pay solicitors fee.

In my opinion, it is better to do the right thing at the right time than to sing the songs of lamentations!


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As we all know, to own a house is to most people a life time investment most especially if it is the first, as this will involve a lot of planning and financial commitment.

I am not saying that the second or third house does not involve a lot of planning and financial commitment but definitely not as tasking as the very first house, more so, most people do not usually have more than one in their lifetime.

The common mistake amongst building or house owners is not planning from the outset, ok, let me be unambiguous, you cannot purchase a land in swampy area of Ajah/Ibeju-lekki and think the amount it will cost you to build on it will be the same amount it will cost to build in a place Like Agege or Ikorodu. it doesn’t really work like that! that was why I had earlier mentioned it involves lots of planning and financial commitments.

It usually beneficial to have prior idea of:

(1) How much it will cost to purchase a land in your choice area together with other details like proximity to access road, the purpose the land will be used for, the size of the land etc. and also the cost to obtain the required documents.

(2) How much it will cost to build your choice house in your choice location.

But as we all know, situations in life does not usually pan out the way most people want it, thus if you belong to the category of people that are either been educated by this article or have already bought a land without this education, no worries, you are still on track, as this series will educate and guide according to your needs.

There are a number of factors you need to consider before buying a land in Nigeria these ranges from

  1. The size of the land,
  2. The soil type,
  3. The location of the land which is very important,
  4. The purpose which the land will be used for,
  5. Accessibility of such land i.e. proximity to access road,
  6. The price of the land,
  7. The legal papers available in respect of the land,
  8. The environment, as well as the security conditions of the area, should be well evaluated before engaging in such a transaction.

In taking cognizance of the aforementioned factors, it is advisable to involve an expert or an organization which has the background, requisite knowledge and skills in this area of a property acquisition. It is very important to have a lawyer who is grounded in property law practice before embarking on a land purchase.

This article has carefully considered the needs of future building and house owners (both in Nigeria and diaspora) who are seriously considering this wonderful venture in Nigeria, as is willing to help you achieve this with every resource at our disposal.

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