About Us


Eazybuilders is an e-commerce store, into retail of wide range of building materials such as Planks and other structural building materials, Plumbing and Electrical supplies, Cements, Doors and Windows and Building construction et al. We have been servicing a wide range of clientele in Nigeria through flexible outsourcing business model and delivery services.
Our Product offerings are:
Retailing building materials (Planks and all other structural building materials)
Retailing Electrical supplies
Retailing plumbing supplies
Retailing floor coverings (Ceramics only)
Retailing building Cements(Dangote, Larfarge etc)
Retailing lighting fixtures.

At EazyBuilders, we believe there is more to value than just the lowest price. That’s why we provide our clients with the highest quality product for the most economical price.

As a full service provider we provide the complete range of construction services to diverse industries, including commercial, industrial, institutional. We can either work with your existing plans or provide you with the comprehensive design/build solution.

“To provide our clients with professional service that ensures quality and value in a timely manner while maintaining a safe and healthy workplace for employees.”

It goes without saying that safety is one of our key concerns at Eazybuilders We’ve put a safety program in place in order to establish a productive workforce and deliver an ultimately higher quality product.

We’ve earned a reputation for our quality work and our integrity in dealing with clients, architects, suppliers and subcontractors. We work hard to earn your satisfaction and respect.  It’s our goal to develop a long lasting relationship with you through honesty and professionalism, so that we can continue to be the sole source for all your contracting needs.


Our mission

To be a global leader in engineering, manufacturing and delivery of high value added quality products and services for the construction industry.

Our values

  • Customer Recognition
  • Integrity & Transparency
  • Passion for results
  • Creativity & Agility
  • Commitment & Accountability


Our expertise in estimating, construction, project management and preconstruction services ensures that our customers receive a quality product at a fair price and in a reasonable time frame. This is accomplished through the selective use of responsible subcontractors, hiring and retaining first class employees, and working for clients that share a belief in open, honest, and direct communication.

Regardless of whether you are an owner, architect, designer, engineer, tenant, broker, subcontractor, or supplier, you are a respected member of our team and will be treated as such. This commitment to team and to open project leadership yields not only successful construction projects, but more importantly, satisfied customers. The end result of this style of relationship building is 100% referable customers.

We’re committed to your success. Contact us today and let us know how we can help your next project succeed.

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